About Jamie

So by now, you know I love riding horses and playing golf!

What you may not know is that for the last 24 years I have been selling real estate and I own my own brokerage called McDevitt Town and Country Properties. I moved to North Carolina from Los Angeles where I spent ten years working in the athletic shoe industry after retiring from the professional tennis tour. While I don’t play tennis anymore (although I still love watching it), I spend most of my free time either riding or golfing when I am not selling real estate. I compete in the sport of dressage on my amazing horse Deuce, work with some of the best horse trainers in the area and enjoy living on my farm with my horses, dogs and mini donkey, Clover. I play golf at least once a week, take lessons as often as I can from great golf professionals and play in as many golf tournaments as time allows. I hope you will enjoy reading Courses and Horses. My wish is to share the many great places to golf and ride that I have been to, products to buy for both riders and golfers, tips I have received along the way and trends that will hopefully make these two wonderful passions even more fun! 

Enjoy the ride with me!


My Promise to You

Because I feel it is very important that the products and places that I am writing about and sharing with you are 100% tested, I want all readers of this blog to know that I have either tried the products and personally used them, or have gone to the many wonderful places and have had a wonderful time there! My hopes are that you will have the same postitve experiences I have! 


100% Tested

All golf and equestrian products are personally tested by me!


High Quality

I only recommend high quality products, yet try to endorse products that are a great value.