As many of you know I LOVE riding my horse and I LOVE golf….BUT…I never knew you could ride AND play golf!! On a Golf Bike / Golf Scooter. I played a wonderful round yesterday at the amazing Pine Needles Golf Club (home of many Women’s US Open’s and the recent  Women’s Senior US Open)…but I played it on the Finn Golf Scooter. Finn Cycle is a two-wheeled, single-rider cycle with an electric motor and lithium battery that offers a comfortable and stable ride that leaves all who ride it smiling. The smile NEVER let my face. Finn Cycles are currently part of the rental fleet at over 70 golf courses across the country. It was only $29 for us to give one a whirl. We are SO glad we did!



They call the cycle a “PERSONAL GOLF MACHINE”…and I would have to agree. There is a place for EVERYTHING….you straddle your clubs…there are two places for drinks (I actually used one of them to hold my score card and ball). You can also strap on a cooler on the back…what more can one ask for? You need a place for “Birdie Juice”!  Everyone says it is time to rethink golf. No one wants to spend 4.5 hours on the course. Riding the “Finn”, they say you can cut playing time in half.  I have got to tell you…it DOES save a lot of time as every player goes DIRECTLY to their ball!

Shoof Fly Size Chart


When I first got on I was a little worried that I would not be able to ride a Finn…I have not ridden a bike in YEARS!  But….I am here to tell you that it was EASIER to ride than a bike. The back tire is “fat” and has a lower center of gravity and lightweight aluminum frame. It was SO easy to balance and MUCH easier to ride than a bike…check out me and my playing partners as we had one of our “funnest” (or should I say “Finn-est”) rounds ever!!


Want to learn a little more about the Finn Golf Scooters? Here is the link to their website with ALL the details and a great video…


And don’t forget to check out the COOL kickstands! 

FINN Kick stand