Oh my have we had a lot of rain this year already! In December alone we had almost 8 inches of rain and so far in January we have had almost three with more on the way. How does that affect our ability to ride here? Not much, thank goodness. Southern Pines is known as The Sandhills. This wonderful forty mile radius area is believed to have formed by ancient oceans that rose and then receded in response to melting and freezing of polar ice caps.

Beaches formed

… wherever the water met the land. Each time a beach formed, dune lines were left behind when the ocean receded. So, what is now left is this amazing place where we can ride after or even during the rain. Horses don’t slip or slide and there is no such thing as mud! Riding in the rain is actually kind of fun! Check out this short video of Deuce and I getting ready to head out after a rainstorm… Subscribe HERE to my Blog

From a simply equestrian point of view

… what the area has that few other places can match is footing. The sandy region actually  extends about 150 miles southwest toward Aiken, South Carolina.. Because sand footing is the quickest drying after a rainstorm it’s one of the easiest for horses to work on every day and to gallop over. Aiken is also a wonderful “Equestrian Town” that I frequently go to for dressage shows. I will be writing more about this area in one of my future posts. Like Southern Pines, Aiken has a steep history of carriage driving, fox hunting, eventing, show jumping, and even horse racing. It’s sandy soils are just like here and I am sure they are riding down there this week, too.

One of my favorite things about Aiken is that horses have the right of way!  Believe it or not, it’s true!  A stoplight (with a button to push) is located on Whiskey Road, one of Aiken’s busiest roads, for horse riders to safely cross. I LOVE towns where horses come first. Look for more on Aiken, soon!

So, if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, come to Southern Pines or saddle up and head to Aiken for a lovely ride in the rain!

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