I started out the 2020 in the best way

…. on New Year’s day morning I had a lovely ride on my horse, Deuce, and in the afternoon, I played golf with friends Cheri and Mike. Cheri was wearing an amazing jacket from Zero Restriction. I loved the color and how comfortable it looked on her!  Zero Restriction has engineered their garments to allow for a greater range of motion. We ALL need that. You could tell as it looked like it was so easy for Cheri to swing (of course she has a great golf swing so the  jacket and her swing complimented each other perfectly.) Zero Restriction says it’s outerwear feels like it isn’t there.

Cheri’s jacket

… is called the Ladies Sydney Quilted Jacket. It looked SO warm, yet not bulky. It retails for $175. What I also loved about it is that it had dual direction zippers, stretch side and under arm panels and invisible zip pockets. It also had thumb holes at the cuffs. And even better it was just a great looking jacket. It comes in three colors, the blue that Cheri had on, a charcoal grey and a pretty white and silver. So…after we finished playing I HAD to order one!!! I ordered the white and silver and can’t wait for it to come in. Maybe I will swing the club as well as Cheri does. (Zero Restriction does NOT guarantee that).

They do, however, have a great site where you can read all about their tech fabrics and what goes in to making all of their wonderful garments. What I really like about their site is that you can read about the technology in their waterproof, windproof and motion tuned products. The way I look at it is, we amateur golfers need all the help we can get.  You can also find Zero Restriction products on Amazon as well as an affordable golfer’s shopping website call Budget Golf.  Either way…I am looking forward to getting the Sydney jacket as well as trying a few of Zero Restriction’s other cool, techno garments. Now, if I could only get them to guarantee a few strokes off my game if I wear their apparel!!

Please let me know if you have any questions →