The holidays are over…..I am moved into my new house…and I am back to blogging!

Since it is still so cold here (and in so many places)…I thought I would share a great option for staying warm and toasty this winter and EVERY winter. It’s called ORORO Wear!

A  friend of mine who I golf with frequently told me about this fabulous company that makes heated jackets and apparel… everything from vests, jackets, fleece, gloves, and even socks. Immediately I bought a vest and now have fleece as well. I wore my fleece to play golf the other day and I was SO glad I did. Consequesntly I also purchased 12 of them for family and friends for Christmas! I am getting emails and texts from them all telling me how thankful they are every time they put their Ororo on!!


…is a company specializing in heated apparel designed for all walks of life. Originating in the Midwest they are very familiar with cold weather. In 2015, ORORO started with an idea of a jacket that can provide warmth on even the coldest days of the year. The idea formed into a product that can be your go-to jacket for almost any season – fall, winter, and spring – and doesn’t break the bank.

Ororo’s goal is to provide timeless articles of heated outerwear with attention to quality, safety, and affordability. Their website is easy to navigate and offers a great line of products – all powered by UL-Certified rechargeable batteries. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee alongside a 3-year warranty covering any heating elements of your purchase. Furthermore one of my favorite things about these products is that you can control the heat…there is a button right on the chest of the jacket where you press to change the setting…. from very warm, to medium or just a little! Perfect depending on the weather outside!

WHERE in the world did the name ORORO come from?

The name, (pronounced Oh ROAR oh), was influenced by the first name of the X-Men superhero, Storm. In addition the storm is capable of controlling weather and adapting to extreme weather conditions. So…the company thought it was perfect for the brand – never let the cold weather dictate our lives. I wear mine to ride my horse, golf, walk the dogs….you name it! And of course, you can get Ororo products right here on Courses And Horses….and you get 20% off your first purchase! Just click the button below and before long I am sure you will be texting me about how warm you are staying! ENJOY the outdoors in your ORORO!

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