The Inaugural Pinehurst Golf Cart Races!

… while there were some bigger races that happened yesterday (The Kentucky Derby)…there were still some very exciting races that happened In Pinehurst  …GOLF CART RACES!


If you have never been to a GOLF CART RACE…add it to your list!

Golf cart races (yes…adults racing against each other on golf carts), a professional barbeque competition (it was SOOO good), a beer competition, celebrity judges and a live concert were all rolled together at the inaugural Race of the Pines that was held yesterday at the Pinehurst Harness Track. If you missed it…add it to your list for next year! Same day as Derby Day!

Hosted by the Veterans Golf Association,

… the event supports the VGA, Petty Family Foundation (Richard Petty made a guest appearance which was so cool), the Vietnam Veterans of America, and Green Beret Racing. Lot’s of great causes and lots of great fun.

Organizer Josh Peyton, founder and CEO of the Pinehurst-based VGA, said he scheduled the event to coincide with the Kentucky Derby. He hopes the local Race of the Pines will become an established — albeit slightly outrageous — tradition to kick off the area’s springtime events calendar.

“What we are trying to do is get the community

… to come out and support our veteran community and all these causes. The VGA serves 10,000 veterans nationwide through the game of golf. I want our local community to understand that we are making that impact,” Peyton said. “Golf is a vehicle that we use to help a lot of veterans.”

A $25 general admission ticket  

… allowed access to the golf cart race gallery and concert by Heart Breaker. You could also upgrade to a $50 tasting ticket which provided access to the race and concert plus the special barbeque and beer competition area. We bought this ticket and I must say…I had LOTS of amazing tastes of NC barbecue and a few great beers, too! This is the way to go!!

“This is a great opportunity for the community to come together,

… be safe and have fun,” Peyton said. “We hope to create a Kentucky Derby vibe with people dressing up. I wore a pretty cool hat to be in with the Derby hat theme….I think next year we may have to sponsor a “BEST HAT” competition!! Let me know if you want in!!!

If you’re ready to race next year

… you will need to purchase a $100 ticket in advance so you can match wits and skills against other golf cart drivers. There are multiple categories of competition including stock electric/gas, modified electric/gas, and “Big Tire” electric/gas races.

“We’re doing it right.

… There is be a big inflatable start and finish line, drag racing-style lights, and a laser system to track exact times,” Peyton said. “We are taking it seriously, for timing at least.”

The barbeque competition is sponsored by Southern BBQ Network and Adams Beverages of North Carolina hosted the beer competition. Other special activities include a best-looking golf cart “pageant” judged by celebrity guests, Richard Petty Motorsports and UNC basketball legend, Phil Ford.

SO…next year

….put it on you calendar to head to the 2nd Annual GOLF CART RACES here in Pinehurst  the same day as the Kentucky Derby….or look for golf cart races in your town….or even START an event that has GOLF CART RACES….I promise you will have A BLAST…look for us…we will be there! Check out this video of our FUN DAY….