As I drive up and down the pretty farm roads

… of my hometown here in Southern Pines, I see SO many farms that have addresses on them but no farm names! I think EVERY farm needs a name…and while many have them…they don’t have a sign that tells the name of the farm. Just think of all of the great farm names…Calumet Farm, Claiborne Farm, WinStar Farm…they ALL have names AND signs! What a perfect Christmas gift…a farm sign!

A few years ago

… I was in search of a farm sign for my own farm, High House Farm. I found a great company on Etsy called Melted Laughs. They specialize in wooden farmhouse signs, wedding signs and custom photo print signs (which are amazing!) You could actually have them make a wooden sign for almost any thing or any place. They actually sell all sorts of fun stuff including coffee mugs, unique wine gifts, pet tee shirts…but I especially liked the customer service as well as the quality of the sign they made for me.

It has been hanging on my gate post for three years now and it looks like I just put it there! Melted Laughs states that they sell quality items that are meant to last–whether it’s a wedding keepsake sign, or a funny coffee mug. I believe them! Their larger signs are made from two individual pieces of wood, cut, sanded, and joined together with wood glue. For extra support, two braces are added to the back. By joining together two pieces of wood, the larger signs will not warp as the seasons change, or the temperature or humidity changes. (This often happens with large signs made from a single board.)

One of the BEST things about their signs

… is that they are VERY affordable. Most signs are under $100 and for the smaller signs under $50 and shipping is FREE! So…if you are looking for that special Christmas gift for your favorite farm owner, order a special farm house sign from Melted Laughs!

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